Other stays

On request or punctually, it is possible for you to organize theme stay for goups, family or individually. We give you below some ideas :

– Hot-air balloon :
We suggest you
– a takeoff ground at the back of the garden,
– an help (my husband being regularly a team member)
You will find at 20 km, at Chambley, the Mondial Air Ballon take place every 2 years,
– a propane fuelling station  reachable 7j/7 for a notice.
– a maintenance shop recognized N°FR-MF-233 by the general civil aviation direction. This approval attest that the organism have access to a staff who can provide thenavigability’s preservation and the hot-air balloon maintenance.

Hiking : A lot of hike tracks and circuits exist in our region in order to discover our cultural and natural patrimonyl. Differents types of circuits are suggested by the departmental comity of tourism, the Natural regional Parc of Lorraine, and the Côtes de Meuse’s club who has tagged and who maintain more than 600 km of trails.
Informations about Côtes de Meuse’s club: Emile SINDT – 
12, rue de l’Eglise – 55400 BRAQUIS – 03 29 87 36 55 –emile.sindt818@orange.fr

– Horse riding : Our region abound of riding school.

–  Gastronomic tourism: Many local producers made a quality choice and wants to let it know through the brand « Meuse et Merveilles ».

Creative painting expression workshop : « L’atelier des prés » –«  L’art à l’envers »…
A saturday per months (from 14h to 19 h)
Registration and informations: call or leave a message :+33 3 29 87 56 55