Relaxation stay

Breathe and relax in Lorraine !

Tha spa complex of Amnéville-les-Thermes, located 43 km from our Bed&Bedroom, has developped 2 options in order to make the use of the thermale water accessible for all.


La cité de l’eau THERMAPOLIS : target customers eager to get in shape and to forget everyday life’s stress, and to favour health, well-being through balneotherapy activities, sauna, hammam…Thermpolis ‘s concept is based on relaxation : it is asked to respect the calm and the silence inside the etablishment and particularly inside the Fitness zone.Access for children is authorized  L’accès aux enfants n’est autorisé from 4years.


Villa Pompei

VILLA POMPEI : Well-being is an art. Well-being’s philosophy at Villa Pompéi is to be tuned to make this moment exceptional.
You will find indoor pools : underwater massage nozzles, anatomic hydro-massaging beds, geysers, spas, spa baths, hot and cold baths ; outdoor pools : slow river,underwater massage nozzle, spa baths, spas debout, cervical showers, saunas, hammam, relaxing space, hot marbles.Only + 18 years old people are accepted in the fitness etablishment. An ID card can be asked.