Mountain bike / bike / Cycle touring stay


Meuse, « cyclo » destination par excellence, thanks to :

  • A mesh of back roads  alternating forest, farming and pastures
  •  Different level circuits, the more difficults cumulating more than 1000 metres difference in height, others scrolling through plains et valley.
  • Not or almost not traffic lights !
  • Surprising discoveries
  • Unsuspected treasures.

Mountain bikes lovers, we suggest you :

  • A closed local to park your bikes in security,
  • A water point to wash your bikes,
  • Touristics and cyclo-touristic documentation,
  • Informations about local cyclists
  • A washing machine and a  tumble-dryer,
  • A catering possibility on the spot and a kitchen at your disposal.

Cycle touring and mountain bike circuits :

Bike rental and maintenance :

  • We work particularly with

who suggest also bike rental.

Partnership and sponsoring :

    • We sponsor, with our Bed&Bedroom, the bike club SAVerdun Cyclisme, where all the family is licensed.